When I started this blog I intended to just concentrate on my observations of the Housing Industry from my perspective as a Housing Association tenant.

Of late though it is as if I am sitting in a world that is slowly going mad. Maybe it has always been that way and I have only just noticed. There is so much that I need to say about a whole host of things that I have decided to put views on other subjects than Housing on this blog.

This is a thought not a light bulb
This is a thought not a light bulb

I hold an Honours degree in Economics where I learnt that economists are largely fake scientists. They pretend to have created models of our behaviour that enable us to be ‘governed’ by immutable rules. These models fall flat on their face the minute we do not follow their assumptions or refuse to accept that all Ceteris is not Paribus. ( Thats fancy economistspeak to sound important )

As my time has passed it is clear that Government and political attitudes generally are largely indifferent to the concerns of little guys like me. This indifference is something I have experienced most of my life as I have been out of step with mainstream opinion since my youth. The years have taught me that usually I hold the opinion that eventually is vindicated by history.

J.K. Galbraith labelled as ‘conventional wisdom’s’ all those unchallenged assumptions that are made by politicians and economists that are supposedly to be treated by the rest of us as immutable truths. I have had trouble with ‘conventional wisdom’s’ all my life. Most of the time I just do not see the world in the way that would make acceptance of these ‘wisdoms’ lie easy on my conscience. They are handed down by the powerful and respected brokers of society to be swallowed by the lesser of us. We are not encouraged to question far less argue against these assumptions.

The views expressed on posts here will rarely be ‘conventional wisdom’s’, but hopefully will give you something to think about. I am too long in the tooth now to spend too much time researching and reading valuable tomes. My opinions can always be queried and I’m always willing to learn its just I’m fussy over the credentials of prospective teachers.

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