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Started this blog about housing issues and intended to stay with that. But with the attack on social housing & the social cleansing via housing agendas that are now public policy I have decided to address wider issues.

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Who reads MSM anymore ?

With such a range of information and media sources for everyone to choose from these days I just wonder whom the print media see as their target audience these days. I admit to being a Guardian reader in days gone by even though I have never worn open toed sandals in my life. I also


Chuka Umunna – the symbol of Labours failure

Do you remember Chuka Umunna the guy who briefly was the Labour ‘leadership front runner’ ? No – well he was Labour’s potential new leader for “3 days in May” before he changed his mind. Now according to reports he is plotting, with Tristram Hunt ( possibly another you do not remember) to frustrate the


Some of what I want

    Being honest I find the news here and elsewhere very depressing. So my thoughts have turned to Christmas which, as they say, is a time for giving. Not having a lot to give I have decided to move into receiving mode. Obviously there are a lot of people queuing up to give me things.


Rent Matters – but not to Social Enterprises.

Two things happened last week that that caught my attention. Firstly The Guardian reported on 18th November 2014 : The average house price in England and Wales is now just £3,500 off the peak of November 2007 thanks largely to a property price surge in London last month, according to the Land Registry. The August


Housing professionals don’t live round here

I’m a social housing tenant and very pleased to be one. I am always amazed that others do not wish to join me and badger politicians to provide more and extend their availability to make it a proper lifestyle choice. I realize, that since Michael Heseltine set out to destroy Council Housing in 1980 with


Ombudsman settles for quiet life

                                              Dr Mike Biles I first published this article on 27th October. Lo and behold the title was spot on as Mike Biles announced on 28th October that he will be leaving his job.


Freeholders want to be Freeloaders

Did you see the piece on the BBC where freeholders suddenly found out the responsibility that goes with that status ? An ancient law which can force homeowners to pay for their local church’s repairs is blighting properties and depressing house sales, say campaigners. But what is chancel repair liability and what is the best